Hell’s Revenge

Arguably the most popular trail in Moab, Hell’s Revenge has a little bit of something for everyone. The trail itself is relatively easy (longer wheelbase makes some obstacles that’ll flip a Jeep a cake walk), but the obstacles are what we’re here for anyways! The first obstacle is Hell’s Gate, a gnarly fun ride down a V-notch that’ll have you testing that little used Hill Descent Control option. Then it’s the climb up out of the Gate, where careful tire placement is key to ensure you don’t drag the passenger side of your truck along the way. After that, it’s a bunch of sand and fun slick rock to the Car Wash and Devil’s Hot Tub. Let’s see if you can get out of the tub without being winched! We’ll pass Micky’s Hot Tub, down the Whale’s Tail (where the hell did the trail go?!?), and over to Escalator. And yes, all these obstacles are optional, but you at least have to try the Gate and Car Wash.