Gold Bar RIm

Only modified rigs are allowed on this run. Minimum requirements are 35 inch tires, sliders, and diff protection required. Optional trans/oil skid protection is HIGHLY recommended.

This is why we have you sign a disclaimer. Well, one of the main reasons. You will bash your rear bumper, your hitch, and if you aren’t careful, your driveshaft on this trail. This short trail is one challenge after another, with optional lines of hard and harder in a few areas, but it’s all worth it to have the bragging rights (and photos to prove!) that you crossed the Golden Crack on the Golden Spike trail. That is, if you can make it down the Waterfall without wrapping your driver’s side around a Mini Cooper sized boulder. Plus, you’ll be sure to turn heads of the UTVs and Jeeps we’ll come across on the trail, where they often say, “There’s no way that’s up here….”. Silly Jeeps.