Moab 4x4 Trails

Fullsize Rated Fun

Please note this page is still in progress as new trails are run and added. So check back for updated trails.

Below you'll find a list of trails that have been run by Power Wagons. Each trail gives a description of what to expect, trail length, typical time to completion (expect much longer times for large groups) and our Power Wagon Rating.

Most of the trails can be done in a stock Power Wagon. Some trails have strict requirements, and they are noted for each trail.

As always, the truck is only as good as the driver and the line they choose. Damage is possible on ANY trail.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    Rating: Difficult
    Length: 2.7 miles
    Time: 2 hours

    This trail makes the climbs and descents in Hell’s Revenge look like Baby Lion’s Back. You can only access this trail from Poison Spider to Golden Spike. While this trail is short, it offers a narrow entrance onto the trail and …

  • Canyonlands Loop

    Rating: Easy
    Length: About 34 miles
    Time: 6 - 8 hours

    While we call this “Canyonlands Loop”, it’s actually 3 trails in one, making for a nice long loop and day trip. You’ll start at the bottom of Long Canyon, winding your way up out of the canyon and to the …

  • Gemini Bridges

    Rating: Easy
    Length: 13.1 miles one way
    Time: 2 hours

    The shelf road offers stunning views over Arches, Moab, and into the La Sal Mountains. This is a popular road to beautiful backcountry camping, the popular and challenging Gold Bar Rim and Metal Masher, and is heavily trafficked by mountain bikers. …

  • Bull Canyon

    Rating: Easy
    Length: 3.1 miles one way
    Time: 3 hours including hike

    This is a short but fun trail that wanders through a scenic, high walled canyon. At the end of the trail is a short hike to Gemini Bridges. When combined with the Gemini Bridged 4×4 trail, it’s a fun experience …

  • Flat Iron Mesa

    Rating: Difficult
    Length: 15.3 miles
    Time: 7 hours

    This is a lesser known and lesser traveled trail, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lesser trail. Obstacles on this trail are unusual and particularly fun. Scenic views atop Rubble Hill to a fun drive along the edge of an …

  • Onion Creek

    Rating: Easy
    Length: 9.5 miles one way
    Time: 2 hours

    Onion Creek is a beautiful drive through a deep-cut canyon filled with contrasting rock formations. You’ll cross Onion Creek 27 times as you wander through the canyon. Typical water level is low, but flash flooding can be a concern. At the …

  • Hurrah Pass

    Rating: Easy
    Length: 21.6 one way
    Time: 2-4 hours round trip

    The views on this drive just don’t stop, especially at the pass. There are also amazing Indian Petroglyphs at Birthing Rock. The drive starts at the top of a mesa, takes smooth switchbacks to the canyon bottom and climbs again …

  • Chicken Corners

    Rating: Moderate
    Length: 9 miles one way
    Time: 4 hours

    You’ll need to start on the beautiful Hurrah Pass to reach the start of Chicken Corners. The trail meanders above the Colorado River where you’ll find some fun caves in Catacomb Rock. Shortly after you’ll discover how Chicken Corners got …

  • Behind the Rocks

    Rating: Difficult
    Length: 12.6 miles
    Time: 5 to 7 hours

    One of the most popular trails in Moab, Behind the Rocks offers some great views, interesting geological formations, and some challenging obstacles. Behind the Rocks is famous for High Dive, Upchuck, and White Knuckle. High Dive and Upchuck are optional …

  • Tusher Tunnel

    Rating: Easy
    Length: 4.9 miles
    Time: 30 mins one way

    Tusher Tunnel is a short spur trail to, you guessed it, Tusher Tunnel. A unique geological feature, take a very short climb up to the tunnel and come out the other end to view an incredible vista. There are a …