A Typical Trail Day at PWiM

While there are similarities in the days (driver’s meeting, airing down, running the trail, airing up, heading back to camp, etc), the days aren’t “typical”. Each trail holds its own challenges, its own spectacular views, and its own special memories to be made.

So what will your days look like in Moab? Each day will start early. Plan to have prior to the driver’s meeting:

  1. Full tank of gas
  2. Enough food and water for 24 hours on the trail for each person in your rig
  3. Good attitude

The Driver’s Meetings are mandatory as we’ll be going over what to expect for terrain and obstacles, truck order, tips/tricks for that particular trail, and expectations of what you’ll see while on the trail. We’ll also do a comms check. Driver’s meetings are scheduled anywhere from 7 – 8am depending on the day and should only take 15 or so minutes.

Depending on the trail start location, we’ll either air down at the driver’s meeting or at the trailhead.

Because of the group size, we will be moving. We’ll never push your truck beyond its capabilities, but we may push (re: encourage) you because we want you to learn to have confidence in your truck. We will be matching trucks in order by mods/ driver skills. So the faster, more modified/experienced folks will always have lead of the group. This doesn’t mean the more stock guys/gals are going to be left in the dust. This means that while stock folks might not move as fast, the other rigs have time to take the harder lines, which will slow them down a little and allow folks to catch up.

In some cases, we may break up into groups of 5 – 7 rigs each with a lead for each group. This may be the case on a trail that’s narrow and doesn’t allow easy passing. Forty full-size trucks can be intimidating on the trail, and we don’t want to cause any vehicles to pull off trail and cause serious damage.

Treading lightly is vital to keeping these trails open, and we expect everyone to practice Tread Lightly.

Each trail day there is at least one epic obstacle we can play on or amazing truck photo opportunity. In many cases, there are more. We’ll try keep the group together for those so everyone can enjoy the show, but in some cases, we’ll need folks to keep moving. Again, those specifics and what lines to take will be discussed at the morning Driver’s Meeting.

A few of the trails we are running would normally take 3 – 4 or 7 – 8 hours with just 4 – 5 trucks. But our average truck count is anywhere from 15 to 25 a day per trail. So plan for trails to take anywhere from 6 – 12 hours. We ask that folks keep conversations outside of the trucks to an absolute minimum. Conversations about lifts, bumpers, performance, etc. can happen at lunch or outside the event.

The trails we’re taking are a combination of out and backs and straight through. At the end of each trail, we’ll stop so everyone can air up. At this point, it’s your choice to hang around and follow folks back to town or just head back to town yourself.

So to recap:

1.) Have fuel, food, water and ice before the Driver’s Meeting
2) Driver’s Meetings are mandatory. PLEASE be courteous and be on time.
3.) Prepare as if you’ll be spending the night on the trail (it can happen, but not intended).
4.) Conversations can happen at lunch or off the trail, not on the trail
5.) We will stop for lunch on the trail at a scenic point
6.) Expect to have fun and keep your camera ready