Welcome to Moab! If this is your first time in town, you’ll find the below resources will answer your most common questions.

Accommodations: There are plenty of hotels and AirBnBs/VRBOs available in Moab. If you prefer to bring an RV, there are a few campgrounds to choose from. Spanish Trails RV Park is located on the outskirts of town and is closest in distance to the group campsite. If you prefer BLM camping in developed dry sites, Ken’s Lake offers Verizon/AT&T coverage, while campgrounds along the Colorado River on 128 offer great views but zero cell service.

Group Camping: There will be group camping (boondocking, wild camping, no-hookups) on BLM land south of Moab. Tents, trailers, and sleeping in the bed of your truck is welcome. Location to be shared with registered event participants.

Gas: We go through a lot of fuel while on the trails in Moab. To save some money and get around easily, we recommend Maverik on the South side of town. If you grab one of their fuel saver discount cards (free), you get $.02 off every gallon.

Water: Maverik has free water available on the left side of the building. You can also fill up for free with reverse osmosis filtration water inside Gearheads (they welcome you even if you are just getting water!)

GroceriesCity Market is your best bet for affordable groceries. Recommend getting a free shopper card to use to get their discounts at checkout (Kroger cards work here). There’s also a Village Market and Community Co-op for speciality foods (Whole Foods/Trader Joes style).

Showers: offers a list of shower facilities on this PDF.

Alcohol: This is Utah. You won’t find anything stronger than 3.2% at the grocery store, gas station, or local brewery. You can however purchase stronger drinks at the ABC State Liquor Store in town.