Sept 21st - 25th, 2020 Moab, Utah, U.S.A


Driver’s Info & Requirements

We’re changing things up a bit for 2020!

We’ve dropped those Green trails and added in some gnarly Red trails. This year we’re taking it up a notch and showing you what these trucks, and YOU, are capable of. Don’t be fooled by those ratings - those “moderate” trails will provide many challenges. Each of the trails selected offers its own unique experience. Every day will offer amazing views, fun adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime.

For 2020, we are offering two trail options a day. To keep group sizes small and things moving, we’re breaking up into smaller groups on the harder trails. This means more staffing to ensure trail safety and a more enjoyable experience for you and your group. This also means some strict requirements for those trails. Be sure to view those requirements carefully before registering.

Also new for 2020 is our tech inspection and breakfast, a surprise or two, and some new sponsors with some crazy giveaways!

Registration for 2020 is $175 for the driver and $30 for each passenger over the age of 16.


No matter your level of experience you'll find something for you at this year's event. For each day you can select from a choice of two trail ratings (Moderate or Difficult).

Each of the trails offer their own unique experience. Every day will offer amazing views, fun adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Depending on the trail and the day’s sponsors, there may or may not be a $5 per-person BLM fee included.

Registered participants will be emailed a Trail Sign Up form in the order they signed up. Spots are limited and may fill quickly. Please pay careful attention to the trail descriptions when registering to ensure you meet any minimum requirements. You can also view the trail descriptions at any time by visiting the trails page.

* Min. Requirements for Moderate trails: 35" tires & Working Rear Locker, Sliders recommended
* Min. Requirements for Difficult trails: 37" tires & Working Rear Locker + Front Diff Protection, Sliders strongly recommended


Wednesday, May 6th

We’re excited to partner with some new and some of the best known names in the industry to support the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association. The Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association (U4WDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting access to public lands through education and stewardship. Our partners are donating some amazing prizes to be offered up, with all benefits being collected by the U4WDA and used to aid in the fight for land use local to the state of Utah.

And what better place to hold such a raffle than the iconic Potato Salad Hill? A popular single obstacle, the hill offers a variety of challenging lines for novice to experienced offroaders. Take a chance on the hill and then take a chance at winning one of several prizes, some holding a retail value well over $1,000! Everyone who makes it up Potato Salad Hill will walk away with something, but those raffle prizes will be something to write home about.


Throughout the week, we’ll be explaining the importance of the Tread Lightly principles. It’s not just about protecting your lands, it’s about protecting the reputation of the Off-roading community. One misstep, one foot off a Moab trail, and you can leave a mark that will take decades for nature to repair. We’ll teach you not only the principles in theory, we’ll demonstrate them in a practical manner. From leaving no trace to identifying the basic natural barriers to ensure you stay on trail, we’ll cover it all.