60 days until PWiM!

60 days!

That’s how many days are left until Power Wagons in Moab, 2019.

We’ve been hard at work getting things ready for everyone, partnering with some pretty big names to make this an event to remember!

This year, we’re excited to partner with Thuren Fabrication and White Knuckle Offroad as two of our powerhouse Title Sponsors! Without them, this event would not be possible! Literally…. You don’t want to go on some of these trails without Thuren Suspension upgrades or White Knuckle protection. Their products literally make it possible to ride in comfort and safety!

If you haven’t already, get your orders in with Thuren for any suspension upgrades and White Knuckle for a set of sliders!

We’re also excited to partner with some pretty spectacular Premium Sponsors with Offroad Power Products, AEV, and Maple Offroad. They are generously covering the BLM per user fee for three select days, providing some sweet swag for ya’ll, and donating some drool-worthy items for the raffle benefiting the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association.

Anyone want a sweet set of AEV Salta HD wheels? I know you do! Pro-tip: running the AEV Raised Ram Air Intake makes a big difference with all the dust and heat in Moab. It’s a good excuse to get one. 😉

How about a sweet piece of armor from Maple Offroad? Did you see that high clearance rear bumper on Lenzi Van Wagoner’s truck on Truck Night in America? Sugary sweetness!

And let’s talk about camping. A lot of folks are camping on BLM land during PWiM. If you’re looking to pick up a few items to make life easier, check out our partner Offroad Power Products for all your camping needs!

We’re also in the process of finalizing details with several other amazing partners, and we can’t wait to share about them and all their great offerings!

But what about the trails, you may ask?

We’re working with our partners to ensure the BLM per user/per day fees are covered for all trails. We’ll be releasing trail registration the first week of April. Along with trail registration, a comprehensive “What to expect” packet will be sent out providing a lot of answers to your questions, such as:

  • What does a typical trail day look like?
  • When and where are the drivers’ meetings?
  • Some basics of offroading in Moab that we expect you to memorize. 😉
  • And a few other important bits

But wait, where’s the PWiM apparel?

It’s coming! We’ve got a few fun options this year, and we’ll be releasing the design/offerings in a couple weeks.

As of this post, there are 40 trucks registered for the event. Some of the very early registrants had to cancel due to unforeseen events, which has opened a few spots. This means there are only 15 spots left!

If you are on the fence about going, if you’re concerned your bone stock truck can’t make it (it can!), if you’re wishing you could come, then make the choice and register today!