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May 4th - May 8th Moab, Utah, U.S.A

Located in Utah's eastern desert, Moab is one of the most breathtaking 4×4 destinations in the nation. During Power Wagons in Moab you will get to experience the red desert from mesa top to canyon bottom.

Discover the full off-road capability of your Power Wagon over the course of 5 exhilarating days. You will make new friends, learn new skills and conquer new challenges off-road.

If you are lacking previous 4x4 experience, don't worry. This five day guided adventure will be lead by our experienced and friendly trail guides. Our guides will lead you through some of the toughest to the most scenic trails iconic Moab has to offer. Their experience will help you to become confident off-road to tackle any terrain.

It’s an adventure like no other!



No matter your level of experience you'll find something for you at this years event. For each day you can select from a choice of three trail ratings (Easy, Moderate or Difficult).

Each of the trails offer their own unique experience. Every day will offer amazing views, fun adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime. There is nothing like hitting the trail with your fellow Power Wagon owners!

  • EASY

  • Canyonlands Loop
  • Onion Creek to La Sal Loop
  • Hurrah Pass & Chicken Corners
  • Tusher Tunnel & Hidden Canyon
  • Dome Plateau

  • Tip Toe thru Hell's Revenge
  • Bull Canyon & Gemini Bridges Hike
  • Sevenmile Rim
  • Fins & Things
  • Tower Arch & Hike

  • Poison Spider & Where Eagles Dare
  • Flat Iron Mesa
  • Hell's Revenge (Full Challenge)
  • Behind The Rocks
  • Moab Rim


PWiM 2019 – A little about Moab

PWiM 2019 – A little about Moab

Moab itself is a small but very busy town. Watch for pedestrians as there are a lot of them. Restaurants can fill up fast. So if you’re thinking about grabbing breakfast in the morning before a driver’s meeting, plan accordingly. …

Using Your Truck on the Trails

Using Your Truck on the Trails

Warm up those lockers and get things loose and limber starting now! Less than 5 weeks until PWiM. And with that, here’s some important info: Basic Off-Road driving in Moab, including 4Hi, 4Lo, Lockers, Engine Temps, and Tire Pressure. Just …

60 days until PWiM!

60 days! That’s how many days are left until Power Wagons in Moab, 2019. We’ve been hard at work getting things ready for everyone, partnering with some pretty big names to make this an event to remember! This year, we’re …